What can I expect?

Smile with confidence again.

Trust the Elite Professionals

Clinically proven results

Easy application in seconds, 2-9 shades whiter

Fast acting, longer-lasting results

Dental Grade with little to no sensitivity

Recommended and used by Dentists

Safe for enamel, veneers, caps, crowns

Dual LED "Purple" Light

Blue Light Therapy  Breaks down and penetrates gel for whitest results in less time.

Red Light Therapy  provides tissue healing and health, reduces bacteria and sensitivity

Wireless and waterproof

16 min auto shut-off with easy On/Off button.

Detachable USB charging cable, Or get charged and be cordless for on-the-go!

Include cosmetic teeth whitening to your routine


1. PREP. Put tray in mouth to check fit. Gently brush teeth. Moisture can reduce effectiveness, ensure teeth and tray are dry.

2. FILL. Place a thin line of gel on the inside front surface of tray (In the front of each tooth). Do not overfill as this will waste gel and can increase sensitivity (Only use 0.3-0.5 ml of gel for each side of tray). Repeat other side. Recap gel.

3. INSERT. Position tray in mouth and over teeth, and press firmly against the front of your teeth so gel is covering tooth. Remove any excess gel on gums with q-tip or tissue.

4.WEAR. Press start button until purple lights appear (Dual Red/Blue) and you are in a 16 min countdown with auto shut off. Wear your tray up to two consecutive rounds (approx. 30 min) by pressing the easy on/off button to restart light back to purple.

5. STORE. After whitening, remove tray. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Gently dry and store light in retainer case. Store gel in cool, dry place away from direct sun.

Pro Tip: Newly whitened teeth are porous to stain. Do not smoke, drink coffee, tea, red wine, eat berries, etc. or other items that may stain your newly whitened smile. Maintain good oral hygiene.

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Directions to your brightest smile:


One 30 minute application every other day for 2 weeks

Maintenance: once a week to keep your new smile!

*Each gel syringe contains 3-4 applications. Kit comes with3 gel syringes, light, shade guide.


My life has changed!

I always filter my teeth to be lightening white. After using Elite Smile Whitening, NO MORE FILTERS FOR ME. I feel free. Thank you!

Melissa M.

No need to cut back on wine, coffee, and tea.

My confidence is back. I drink coffee, tea, and wine. I felt like I had to cut back to get whiter teeth. But nope, I can resume life as usual and do my monthly maintenance without a problem!

Cherie L.

I get compliments everywhere I go.

I am skeptical of teeth whitening companies as I've used everything under the sun. Since I've started Elite Whitening I get so many compliments. That's how I know it works.

Josh S.

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